Inclusive Fitness


We make sure your experience is positive.


We’re a community that believes in meeting people where they are and collaborating on their health and fitness journey.

We believe in sweat and hard work without an aggressive or competitive attitude.

We provide the best hour for you to turn your mind off, focus on yourself and become friends and family with like-minded individuals.


Gender neutral, strength and conditioning classes that focus on welcoming everyone at all levels of fitness.

Functional Fitness | Olympic weightlifting classes | Yoga


Meet the team at Prism Moves


Ashley Kondziela (she/her)

Founder/Executive Director

Ashley grew up in Philadelphia and after a few years in North Carolina and Chicago, she made her way to Portland in 2008. After working in medical device and technology sales, she created a more dynamic career for herself that would fulfill her passion for health and personal connections. In 2012, she became a fitness coach.

She holds a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. After coaching in several gyms in Portland, Ashley saw a pattern of gaps in service to certain communities, and Prism Moves was born as a result to focus on and fill those gaps.

Will Lay (he/him)

More Info to come!

Ruthie Wabula

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Personal Trainers

Tyra Lovato

Tyra hosts online Yoga and My People’s Cardio classes. Tyra is NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach Credentialed, AFAA Personal Trainer Certified and AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certified. She also holds numerous modality licenses/certifications. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in everyone she meets but her main focus is removing all barriers to wellness for Black Women, POC, QTPOC and all underestimated communities.

She offers; motivational speaking, wellness retreats, team building events, joyful movement sessions, fitness vacations and wellness workshops.

If you are a PDX local QTPOC experiencing work stoppages, please reach out. She has a fund available. She accepts donations to that fund via cashapp ($trainertyra), Venmo (@trainertyra) and Zelle/Paypal ([email protected]).

If you would like to work with Trya, you can register for her classes here.

All the best in health and happiness!

Alissa Lesperance

Alissa holds certifications through ACE for Personal Training, YogaFit, and Schwinn Cycle. She had been helping clients achieve their personal best for over fifteen years. As an avid aerialist, rock climber, cyclist and yogi with a history of body building, she brings a well rounded approach to her teaching.

She began her fitness career in 2005 on Cape Cod where she taught belly dance and competed in the Figure division of body building. In 2007 she moved to Vail, CO to pursue her love of snowboarding where she trained and taught classes at the Vail Cascade Resort. She traveled to India for 3 months to study yoga and traditional dance. Living in Portland for the past decade, she has found her home actively pursuing her love of aerial dance, weightlifting and outdoor activities.

Fitness is about so much more than endless repetition at the gym. It is about realizing your goals, improving your quality of life and training to be your personal best. Alissa provides the support, guidance and knowledge to help each client experience their full health, happiness and vitality.

Please learn more about Alissa at her personal website:

Damon King

CEO/Founder of UPLFT

Lifelong recreational and competitive athlete turned International professional basketball player, turned fitness & lifestyle coach, Damon King has been an avid participant in the world of sport and health for as long as he can remember.

At age 3, an early love of basketball formed, and like a gateway drug led him to playing multiple sports in his schooling, where he competed successfully, eventually becoming a Division I collegiate basketball athlete, and professional career player overseas. The various extensive structured regimens and skill development that Damon’s own physical training have consisted of, have lent themselves to a deep understanding of the body, as well as a passion for the world of fitness at large. As a coach, Damon has assisted people in all walks, levels of fitness, and phases of life. From specific sport training, to lifestyle fitness training for beginning to moderate level clients looking to get healthy and prioritize their fitness journey, he’s been sharing his wealth of knowledge and leading by example.

He has 6+ years group/personal training experience, 8+ years basketball clinic focused group/individual experience, and is ISSA certified. Helping others achieve their goals is a large catalyst for the programming Damon continues to develop within UPLFT. Through virtual classes, fast-paced bootcamps, and private coaching sessions, a fun but focused atmosphere, compassion, and hard work, meet to get results. Uplifting others, and showing them the route to learn, grow, and see themselves through much improved, healthier eyes is at the heart of the UPLFT mission.

You can contact Damon here.


Since opening its doors, Prism Moves has believed that everyone deserves to take up space regardless of race, gender, abilities and sexual orientation.

Every person has a right to love their bodies, love how movement makes them feel and be treated in a way that helps them embrace their full selves.

  • To continue supporting its community and culture, Prism Moves commits to:
  • Continuous anti-racism learning.
  • Rejecting racist, body shaming and toxic fitness industry norms.
  • Allocating monthly donations to organizations that support BIPOC needs and initiatives.
  • Understanding anti-racist learning and the dismantling of white supremeacy is a journey that involves active participation.

Board of Directors

  • Shawna Williams (she/her) President

  • Claire Doody (she/her) Vice President

  • Tyra Lovato (she/her) Treasurer 

  • Julice Ogando (she/her) Secretary

  • Cee Webster (they/them) Member at Large


Special thanks to the following for providing extraordinary support:

Leslie and Ray Kondziela

David Rief

The Perlene

The Viper Pit

Bonnie Arnold

Dani Braithwaite

Chris Caldwell

Hannah Cook

Sarah Einowski

Rachelle Hacmac

Elinor Howell

Jenny Hua

Cayley Pater

Andrea Peruzzi

Greg Caldwell

Jeff Caldwell

Andy Ives

Sean Light

Riley Poor

Dan Reynolds

Shawna and Colin Williams


Thank you to all of our amazing founding members. We couldn’t have done it without you:

Bonnie Arnold, Grace B, Anthony and Natalie Ballas, Jeff Belting, Tracy Bolger, Ashley Boucher, Gail Bruner, Jennifer Bucklin, Greg and Chris Caldwell, Anne Carruth, Kaitlyn Chock, Rebecca Davis, Holly DeBrodt, Claire Doody, Charles Dubuque, Sarah Durham, Sarah Einowski, KT Ellis, Caleen Espinoza, Britt Fahey, Natalie Frank, Paul Geallis, Sarah Giffrow, Catherine Ryan Gregory, Izzy Gouldberg, Rachelle Hacmac, Kelly Hardesty, Megan Hargroder, Courtney Helstein, Mary-Jo Hennessy, Sarah Hickey, Elinor and Jessica Howell, Jenny Hua, Karey Iven, Teal Jarzyna, Jessica Kahlman, Xan Harwood-Karlik, Chantal Kersten, Capree Kimball, Ray and Leslie Kondziela, Emily Kramer, Christine Lewis, Kiki Littlestar, Kay Lybeck, Ali Marks, Peter McAndrew, Sarah Mellor, Kelsey Miller, Darla Millstein, Elizabeth Morgan, Mackenzie Niness, Carly Novak, Anastasia Nylund, Robert Olker, Andrea Orfanakis, Cayley Pater, Andrea Peruzzi, Kurt Piala, Liz Powell, Meredith Price, Tori Lopez-Redford, Casandra and Joe Rief, Eleanor Ryburn, Molly Silverstein, Michelle Skoor, Hannah Smith, Kyla Smith, Dawn Stender, Joseph Storr, Trina Stout, Elizabeth Stucky, Matt Swafford, Jenn Tuerk, Liene Verzemnieks, Paige Walker, Ryan Warren, Amber Watkins, Jennifer Weed, Shawna and Colin Williams, Rob Williams, Asia Wisecarver