We’re a community that believes in meeting people where they are and collaborating on their health and fitness journey.

We believe in sweat and hard work without an aggressive or competitive attitude.

We provide the best hour for you to turn your mind off, focus on yourself and become friends and family with like minded individuals.


Gender neutral, strength and conditioning classes that focus on welcoming everyone at all levels of fitness.

  • Functional Fitness
  • Olympic weightlifting classes 
  • Flow classes based on yoga and Kettlebells. 
  • Monthly seminars on health and wellness and other issues to meet our members needs 

If you are an accepting individual that likes to be surrounded by other accepting individuals, Prism Fit is the home for you.


We are proud to partner with Asha Integrative Wellness, a community of practitioners that strongly believe in an integrated, team approach to healthcare. They combine the effectiveness of several practice modalities to provide high quality, results-oriented care.

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Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals



Ashley Kondziela

Ashley grew up in Philadelphia and after a few years in North Carolina and Chicago, she made her way to Portland in 2008. After working in medical device and technology sales for 9 years, she decided she wanted to create a more dynamic career for herself that would fulfill her passion for health, while also giving her the opportunity for deep personal connections. In 2012, she found the perfect fit as a CrossFit coach. 

She holds a BA in Business and Biology, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She holds a Level 2 Certificate in CrossFit, a certification in CrossFit Kettlebell and Gymnastics and a USAW Level 1 Certificate

After coaching in several gyms in Portland, Ashley saw a pattern of gaps in service to certain communities, and Prism Fit was born as  a result to focus on and fill those gaps.


Damian Melnicove
Damian MelnicoveWeightlifting Coach
Damian Melnicove graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2014 with a degree in Psychology and a focus in Neuroscience.
Triche Sylvester
Triche SylvesterCoach
Triche Sylvester has been teaching dance and fitness for 30 years. This former basketball player transitioned to dance training when her aspirations for playing professional basketball took a back seat to other interests.
Izzy Gouldberg
Izzy GouldbergCoach
Hi! I’m Izzy. I use he/him pronouns and proudly identify as trans-masculine. I started training with Ashley over two years and fell in love with fitness.
David Rief
David RiefCoach
‘02 weightlifting begins. After the warm-up years I began to structure life around training. Meaning if training was impacted by an activity, event, or action; those would be discarded or evaluated for merit to my existence.
Erica Tan
Erica TanCoach
As a middle aged “big kid,” I enjoy being active in various ways, such as mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, CrossFit and more recently skateboarding!



We are affiliated with CrossFit and use similar protocols for our workouts but we are not stereotypically CrossFit. We reject the “bro-ish” culture that can sometimes be associated with CrossFit and have removed the gender aspect to the best of our ability. We make adjustments to movements so that they better fit everyone that joins us at Prism Fit. We focus less on the competitive aspect of CrossFit and instead build on the community.

This not only gives our coaches a quick break between classes, it allows members to socialize before and after class. Let’s be honest, you all love to chit chat as you and your friends come and go between classes.

Yes. We attempt to support women and parents in every way possible and understand this may involve parents bringing their children. We ask that parents please keep an eye on their children, and if their child’s safety or the safety of other clients is jeopardized, we will need to ask you to briefly exit from the workout and attend to your child. Safety and proper coaching is our first priority. Ensuring that everyone receives a good, sweaty workout is close behind.

No, not at the moment. This does not mean we won’t try to collaborate on this in the future!

We want all bodies to be able to attend all of our classes and create a diverse clientele and community. That being said, we recognize that the fitness industry has been predominantly white. Getting involved in Prism Fit and starting a fitness journey may be more comfortable if people get a chance to see others that look like them in our community.
We ask that if you have your own programming you please use the designated open gym times.
Due to space and safety only coach Ashley’s dog is allowed in the gym.

A solid foundation and proper movement are key to being comfortable in group classes. If you have no prior experience with a program like ours, we ask that you complete the six semi-private On-Ramp classes. It gives our coaches a better idea of your strengths and areas of improvement, and gives you a better understanding of what to expect in class.

Yes, cis men, trans men, all men are welcome. We currently have very supportive cis and trans male clients and that is our main ask: that men of all kinds please be supportive and respectful of everyone around them at Prism Fit.


Please arrive early or on time to class. If you are 5min late, we will have to ask you to wait until the next class time to participate. This ensures that everyone is properly warmed up and that our coaches do not have to catch anyone up to the rest of the class. 

We ask that you please clean up any equipment you use for the next class. Sanitary wipes are provided.

Be kind and support each other.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals