Ashley is the best coach I could have asked for. I’ve always enjoyed weightlifting, but have been intimidated by the intensity or perception of what is CrossFit is supposed to be. Not with Ashley! Ashley is infinitely supportive, incredibly perceptive and can adapt her workouts to every skill and fitness level in the course of a single class. I have noticed significant changes to my fitness and muscle mass in the last six months, and while weight loss is not my goal, getting strong is.”
– Elinor Howell

“I’ve always been a fan of fitness and have sought the guidance of coaches and trainers wherever I go. I started working with Ashley over a year ago and quickly decided I will never stop. Her expertise far surpasses any trainer I have ever worked with and the results that I have already seen are a testament to her vast knowledge and understanding of her trade.”

– Darla Millstein

review1-compressor “Ashley is one of the best things to happen to me on my fitness journey. As a queer transgender man it had been difficult to find a space where I felt safe to be me and have a training program where I wasn’t bored after two weeks. Surprisingly, Crossfit is the program that literally keeps me on my toes. I love that the workouts are never the same. I love seeing the WOD and my brain saying “no way we can do that” and then my body doing it anyway. I was three years into medically transitioning (top surgery and hormone therapy) when I met Ashley. I had already started some Crossfit classes and was enjoying them, but once Ashley started coaching my morning class I started to love them. I felt seen as a queer person, but never singled out for being trans (like making me use the ‘mens’ bar or a ‘mens’ suggested weight). Gender doesn’t define fitness in Ashley’s gym. We all work hard. We all have fun together and lift each other up to finish our WOD. We have folks who have been in fitness for years and folks who are just starting and we all sweat the same. If you are looking for community, for fun, for encouragement and a place to be who you truly are, then welcome to Prism Fit”
– Izzy Gouldberg

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